Design of Casinos and the views of different people about it

Design of Casinos and the views of different people about it

The design of the casino is a psychological thing as it affects the mind of a person. If the floor, decor, and atmosphere is something like gambling and which promotes gambling then people get motivated towards playing else they can ‘t perform well and avoids going to the place which can affect the economy rate of the casino and can even close the casino.

There can be multiple factors that can affect the tendencies of gambling and there are some of the major ones like sound effects, the amount of lighting and even the smell that is coming from the surrounding. These can be major ones as there are many people who enjoy the music while playing the game and their mind strikes the tricks then only. The foul smell can distract the person from its game and leading to heavy losses. The dim light in the casino or improper lighting can lead to problems like confusion in the numbers and false actions that are performed against them.


According to Natasha Dow Schull, an anthropologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said that the slot machines are specially designed with such pleasant sound that it attracts and engages the person in the game and if would be some harsh sound then it would spoil all the mood of the players and even distract them from their game.

According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, who is the founder of Smell and Taste Treatment founded that the odor of the place affects the most and some people are allergic to some products and if the smell involves such things then it would not only affect the performance of the person in-game but also can affect the health of that person. This could be also dangerous in the case of people who are drinkers as the smell of alcohol enters the casino, the person leaves everything and go to the place where the smell is coming and drinks unlimited and this could harm his or her life.


The style and the infrastructure of a place matters a lot in many things whether it is attracting people towards it, people want to spend time there and in many things. Similarly, the design of the casinos also affects the interest of the people towards it and helps in attracting the people towards it. The special emphasis should be given on the design of the casinos at the time when they are built as it can affect its performance also.

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