Building up some beneficial and healthy routine for regular poker playing

Building up some beneficial and healthy routine for regular poker playing

Here are some healthy tips for your better poker performance. Find out how a poker player can become better with some nutrition and regime changes.

You have no idea how much your everyday routine matters for your better poker performance. Just like your job performance, as well as your family relationships can be either worsen or improved if you eat proper food and do some exercises for a better shape once in a while, poker activity can benefit from the advantageous habits in your lifestyle.

If you want to improve your poker activity, changing your playing style or switching to a new strategy is indeed something you think off at once. However, it is more practical to start with something simpler, but more beneficial than you think. Simply, build up some beneficial and healthy routine for your lifestyle and it will impact positively on the way you play poker games at kamagra ohne rezept.

Here are some tips as a start for you:

  1. Understand what diet means. We don’t want you to waste some weight. Diet does not on mandatory mean that. It means having a balanced nutrition regime where vitamins, minerals and fat acids are included. It also means eating a few, but from a lot of food products with proven healthy effects on your body and your mind. Specifically for your brain, which serves the main role in poker games, we can recommend you more chocolate (but dark and natural), nuts and fish products.
  2. Alcohol is bad for both – your body and your poker activity – especially if you consume it during a poker cash game or a live tournament. This is the worst stimulator you can use to get some poker mood. You don’t actually stimulate anything with it, but instead suppress your concentration and you know how much you need it in poker.
  3. Have a cheat day at least twice per month. In this day you can eat whatever you like, have some drinks with friends, do what you love, but no poker for this day. Use it for relaxation. The cheat day is meant to support you in your poker performance, but also to suppress the feeling you live with lots of limits.
  4. Sleep at least 6 hours per day. The perfect option to sleep 8 hours per day, of course, is no longer something we can all afford. However, doctors say that people who sleep less than 6 hours within up to half a year can develop serious psychiatric conditions, as well as to suffer from reduced brain activity. As a poker player you might be often involved in night tournaments, which is ok. Consider it as a night shift at work. But don’t forget that after such a shift we all go to bad, which is something you should do after the tournament ends, as well.

Include these easy routines and tips in your everyday life. We are sure they will help you feel better not only at the poker table, but as a whole!

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