Poker facts you did not know

Poker facts you did not know

Here are some curious things you should know about poker ace 99. Find out more about the craziest poker facts and stories now.

Poker is one of the most remarkable card games. Poker is also one of the most beloved games in the world of online casinos. But in addition to these, poker is also one of the most played games in the real ground casinos. Poker is legendary. Poker is the king in a casino. It’s the symbol of the online gambling website. It’s a whole new world completely different from the world of slots no matter how colorful and bright they might be.

And no matter how popular and common poker is, we still don’t know everything about poker. You disagree with that? Then, let’s make a test. See if you know these poker facts, because personally we got shocked when reading most of them:

  1. The first poker chips appeared in the 19th century even though the poker game was invented quite many centuries before that. At first it was the real gold that served the role of the chips. To be more specific, instead of chips the pot was a gathered of golden coins and nuggets. In the middle of the 19th century, though, when gold was limited and understood as a standard for currency value, the chips were made from wood.
  2. Poker hasn’t become popular due to internet and online casinos. Actually, poker became so famous due to the television. It’s getting even crazier. Poker was one of the first games – including sport games – that were broadcasted via the TV. The first poker game went on TV in the beginning of the 70s of the previous century.
  3. Mu-Tsung is the first ruler in the world who was keen in poker. As a matter of fact, this is the Asian Emperor with whom one of the theories for the origin of the poker is related with. According to some Chinese people, who specialize in gambling history, poker wasn’t invented in New Orleans by French people. They believe that the roots of the poker come from Asia.
  4. The country where poker is beloved more than any other gambling product is not in Europe. It’s not even in the USA. According to some of the latest stats regarding poker, it’s the Asian territory that nowadays accommodates the biggest online poker audience. To be more specific, we talking about two countries – Thailand and Indonesia. Probably, that’s the reason why websites like poker ace 99 are so appreciated these days.
  5. According to a big group of poker pros, poker is a game of luck. They stand on this theory due to one specific fact – it’s impossible to calculate your win or strategy, because actually in poker there are more than 300 million of possible card combinations. Many specialists say that this group of poker pros might have indeed become rich by chance.

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