History of Online Gambling

History of Online Gambling

From various news and articles of archaeologists, we gain knowledge about the beginning of gambling games. They have inveterate that gambling had begun after the birth of mankind. Slowly the technology gets evolved. Programmers had begun to make gambling games more useful. There is a gossip that in the mid of 1990, first online casino games had begun. Though, there is still confusion about the first online gambling software. The confusion among InterCasino and Microgaming is still going on because some say InterCasino was first to come into view and some say Microgaming was the first. The main reason behind the confusion is both of them established in 1995.


Microgaming is a small fragment software which can be run in any operating system and also offers a lot of interesting online games. Players can connect through the World Wide Web but because of low bandwidth players may face some difficulties. Microgaming had successfully earned $835 million in 1998. From that time this company had begun to place its position on the top and give a hard rivalry to other rivalry gaming companies.

Starting of Online Poker:

It is thought that Planet Poker is the first online poker game that was first started to run in 1998. Paradise poker started in 1999 just after Planet Poker. Once the online poker started to charge real money exchange after debit cards, bitcoins and other virtual money have made the money switch over process easier. In 2001 Party Poker had started to air online nd offering so many exciting games.


According to a status report of 2010, online casinos had made 12.8% with gross income and almost 30 billion dollars of revenue. It has also been announced that about 20 billion dollars are collected by sports gambling. So clearly the success rate is high for online gambling.

What’s New?

In 2006, Online gaming companies decided that due to the insecurity of payment and legalization issues of various countries they would stop the cash exchange method. The USA is still confusing about the liability of other countries in a gaming position for its casinos. After a long time bypassing the Gambling Act rule in the USA, the players are finally allowed to play as their wish.

The interesting part is an online game can be accessed from any place and at any time. If we are aware of fake gamble websites then there is nothing to worry about.

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