What is Sports Gambling?

What is Sports Gambling?

Sports gambling is the process of prophesying the results of the ongoing sport and betting on the end. The frequency of sports gambling and betting change based on culture and country. The majority of sports betting being placed on these games namely: basketball, football, hockey, association football, track cycling, racing, boxing, and other martial arts.

Non-Human and Non – Athletic Sports Betting:

Sports betting can also be made on non-human based sports such as horse racing, illegal cockfighting which is done underground, and greyhound racing. While the non-athletic sports betting includes political elections and reality show contests. There are many events on which they bet comprising of Awards such as Grammy, Emmy, and other Oscar awards. 

Legal and Illegal Betting:

Before apprehending the legal and illegal sports gambling and betting, let’s first know about bookmaking which means “a professional way of accepting the wagers for sports”. In many countries, bookmaking is regulated but not considered as a criminal act. While in a few countries, sports betting are done illegal and thus the bettors usually make illicit bookmakers.

The National Football League (NFL) – is against the sports betting and oppose the gambling as not to bring the corruption money inside the gaming. While on the other hand, the International cricket council (ICC) believes in gambling and betting on this sport especially in India, where it has been legalized to avoid any illegal match-fixing by bookies. 

There are several countries legalize certain sports gambling during the year 2018 to avoid any illegal betting underground, while few countries don’t legalize their sports betting activity. 

Professional Sports Leagues:

There are many professional sports leagues including American football, basketball, baseball, and hockey initially were against the sports betting during the year 2014, thinking it is almost identical to a casino.

While on the other hand, the NBA – National Basketball Association was initially preventing the sports betting, but now it is the first major sports league to break the previous opposition to gambling just to regulate and monitor the underground gambling.

Similarly, the MLB – Major League Baseball also changed its stance of betting on sports as an illegal sports betting is meaningless.

However the NFL – National Football League is the only sports league to date to maintain the public opposition to sports betting and has positioned itself for the legalization act by regulating and monitoring the bettings.

Major League Soccer (MLS) and American football have the public endorsed gambling for their games and considered them as a possible way of gaining popularity across the globe.


As we discussed above in the topic of Sports Betting. I hope, this write-up will help you to gain some more knowledge about Sports Betting.

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